Germancraft Cabinets Eco Earth

Germancraft is committed to leaving as
minimal environmental footprint on this planet, with care and awareness for future generations

Germancraft Cabinets Laminex Logo

Laminex our supplier of board is fully committed to providing sustainable products through forest management and innovative recycling and reusing programs with stringent EO standards. They offer transparent evidence provided by their Formaldehyde Emissions reports, VOC certificates, FSC®, AFS/PEFC CoC and  Global GreenTagCertTM | 

Germancraft Cabinets Blum Logo

Blum our main hardware supplier is the world leader of joinery hardware and is also commitment to providing sustainable products and has a comprehensive Environmental & Energy Policy |

Germancraft Cabinets Solar panels

100KWatt of Solar Panels, with returning power back to the grid.

Germancraft Cabinets Front Garden
Germancraft Cabinets Bioretention Basin

Site run off is diverted & purified prior to flowing into waterways

Germancraft Cabinets 45,000 litre tank

45,000 litre underground rain water catchment tank