Germancraft Cabinets Training


With a specialised workforce of 20+ skilled personnel based at Arundel, we are committed to investing in selecting the most suited people with the right skills, in a healthy culture, in which to thrive.

We are always seeking talented and enthusiastic people to join or team.
Resumes/CV’s with references and qualifications can be sent to us via filling in the form below:

    Germancraft Cabinets Apprentices
    Germancraft Cabinets Apprentices

    Our current 5 apprentices, learning their trade from highly skilled and experienced tradesmen

    BUSSQ is proudly our Superannuation of Choice

    BUSSQ is proudly our Superannuation of Choice. Germancraft Cabinets CFO was incredibly honoured to be chosen by BUSSQ Super, as the face of their “Employer Of Choice” booklet.

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